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EUTD offers exceptional training in cutting-edge fields to cultivate future technology competencies and advancements, Our goal is to empower individuals with necessary skills for the rapidly changing tech environment

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Who Are We?

European Institute for Training & Development


EUTD is a Belgian-based initiative established in 2016. Its objective is to foster connection and collaboration between businesses and individuals through frequent gatherings and training initiatives. Members are encouraged to utilize their skills to work on practical projects in partnership with non-governmental organizations and public institutions. Our approach to providing low-cost yet high-quality training programs is influenced by the Scandinavian model of education and is aimed at revolutionizing the traditional learning process

Our mission is to ensure that everyone has the necessary skills required for a successful career in their chosen field. We are dedicated to teaching new and emerging technologies so that each person can have the opportunity to pursue their goals with confidence.

Our vision is to prepare individuals for the ever-evolving technological landscape that lies ahead. We strive to develop tomorrow's skills and technologies through innovative learning approaches and training programs.

Providing education and instruction to enhance abilities and promote growth in various fields of personal and professional development.

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Bridging Between Industry & Educational Institutions

We are working with industry and outsource projects for students, focusing on distant working format


This capability equips you with the ability to recognize attitudes among specific groups over a period of time

Academic Enhancement

aims to expand your understanding in a complementary field to your academic background.

Digital Transformation

The integration of technology into a company's operations to drive substantial transformation.
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1. EU initiative established in Belgium in 2016
2. Established in October 2022 a new headquarters in Turkey

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